What is this feeling that so consumes;
Our mind forever – a flower in bloom.
A craving for words to reassure;
There’s only so much we can endure.

He carried his love – like battle scars;
Dreams but wishes upon the stars.
Comrade mine why cans’t thou see;
Compassion alone shall set thou free.

As time goes by – these wounds shall heal;
Conviction alone shall spin the wheels.
Two hearts, one soul, come forth – combine.
Affinity forever is redefined.

Wistful dreams contour the night;
Dazzled not but cleared our sight.



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“True compassion means not only feeling another’s pain but also being moved to help relieve it.” – Daniel Goleman

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The Lighthouse

Stark silhouette against the sky;
Echo: Aye
Structure such to make one sigh.
Echo: Sigh

The beacon shone till far away;
Echo: Way
Guiding those who fall astray.
Echo: Stray

Heralding dreams unto tidal squalls;
Echo: All
Flashes of light do memories recall.
Echo: Call

Lasting memories, swirling thoughts;
Echo: Ought
Time is short and can’t be bought.
Echo: Sought

The lighthouse alone observes the tide;
Echo: Tied
To weather the storms as our guide.
Echo: Side

Its elegance leaves at loss for words;
Echo: Heard
At the moment – the heart has stirred.
Echo: Purred



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Perhaps the primary virtue;
Lies in holding your tongue.
Silence possesses cherished value;
Whose praise is seldom ever sung.

He who does not understand silence;
Shall probably fail to decipher words.
The scorned cannot be healed with herbs;
Prefer a heart that’s more of diamond.

Do not mistake silence for weakness;
Power alone shall leave one speechless.
A time to scream, a time for silence;
Turn to Lord for help and guidance.

Silence in turn draws people closer;
Helps to regain their lost composure.
Like faith is what to firm believer;
Silence suggests a calm demeanor.

Views such that correspond;
Silence denotes a sacred bond.
Late into the hours of night;
Plays the most exquisite song.

Often serves as bold statement;
Vivid more than conversation.
Silence speaks louder than words;
Belongs to those who are patient.

In dreams there flew a white dove;
Resting upon a hand in glove.
Its silence gave the speech of love;
Its music of the spheres above.



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Form: Quatrain 

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Collection of thoughts

Life is made of several moments;
Echo: Omens
Of choices and paths which we have chosen.
Echo: Zen

Though life at times does not seem fair;
Echo: Air
Leave the shade to step into the glare.
Echo: Lair

A laugh does chime in a sea of sadness;
Echo: Nest
Tugs at the heart like a piece of magnet.
Echo: Net

Thoughts stride into the mind and heart;
Echo: Art
Is love in actual – unification of parts.
Echo: Parts

The question remains to lead or follow;
Echo: Low
Truth is sometimes hard to swallow.
Echo: Allow

We live our life like there’s no tomorrow;
Echo: Morrow
Refuse to wander in the fields of sorrow.
Echo: Sorrow



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Form: Echo Verse

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