On the pulse of arriving autumn

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Perhaps there isn’t and wont ever be
a poem lovely as autumn
its murmuring soft like a
shift in blossoming trees
like a languid breeze

as melancholy
that stirs the soul
day and


Photo credits:Β Pinterest

Form: Decastitch

Posted on Kerry’s Challenge @ Real Toads

also on the poetry pantry @ Poets United

60 thoughts on “On the pulse of arriving autumn

  1. Pat says:

    oh well done and very evocative Sanaa ~ suited to the spirit of transitions and the form compliments the prompted line, which you’ve made your own! wonderful πŸ™‚ this sings with wistfulness!

  2. Kim M. Russell says:

    Oh yes, a poem lovely as autumn, just the thing for me, Sanaa! A beauty of a poem, as usual, and these lines stand out for me:
    ‘as melancholy
    that stirs the soul’
    A perfect image of autumn..

  3. Mary says:

    I agree! There can never be a poem as beautiful as autumn! Autumn surpasses anything that a human could compose. Beautiful poem, Sanaa.

  4. Magical Mystical Teacher says:

    I couldn’t live if there were no autumn. Thank you for this wonderful poetic tribute to the most wonderful of seasons.

  5. HA says:

    Still as resonant and lovely as it was during the first read, Sanaa! You have a very tender and evocative way with words.

  6. Rommy says:

    The structure is nicely suited for the topic. The visual reinforces the feeling of leaves falling bit by bit, until the branches are bare.

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