On a rainy day in April

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Monopoly, with its color-coded squares
and unfettered stacks of money gesture
to every bone, passion and feeling.

Come and take a chance, shuffle a pack
of cards with their names painted clearly
upon each, its allure can cause even the
smallest of serenities to breach.

Come cast upon the fateful dice, choose
‘Leicester Square or Marlborough street’
it’s a game of wits when you think about
it really, outside as leaves dance with the

Come play with me and lets see if you can


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30 Replies to “On a rainy day in April”

  1. Ah, Monopoly! we had to stop playing this game with my father because he was impossible – he thought he was hilarious when he cheated by hiding money and taking our houses and hotels when we weren’t looking, He did all sorts of silly things to distract us and we always caught him out!
    I love the idea of ‘unfettered stacks of money’.

  2. I used to love playing Monopoly… though our street names where those of Stockholm… as I live there now I sometimes smile remembering the streets I pass…

  3. I still love this game… But the problem is that it requires more participants… And my poor mom and dad have tagged along several times.. Still… Thanks for evoking the memories of childhood through this!

  4. I enjoyed your poem very much. Not so the game. I think I must have had the wrong mind-set; can’t get interested in property and money, so Monopoly bored me. I would go and read a book instead while the rest of the family played. Perhaps if I had played it more, I’d have learnt how to get richer, lol.

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