Of poems and misspelled wants

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The night draws moments upon my flesh
as I lie breathless beneath the cold moon,
searching for warmth in your eyes.

Desires burn every fibre of my being
I am lost in my yearning of you,
greeting the season with a half-smile.

Sunshine soft spreads over startling sky
as poems one after another make their
way onto virgin sheet of paper.


Photo credits:Β Pinterest

Word list: desires, night, flesh, poems.Β 

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70 Replies to “Of poems and misspelled wants”

  1. Sanaa, I was not startled in the least to read your poem using the first 4 Different words from the others. Hooray. I can count on you to bring the passion to the paper. Virgin paper is all the more tantalizing, and I love “Sunshine soft spreads over startling sky…as poem…”
    It brings more than a half smile to my face to read you. Thanks for participating.

    1. Aww gosh!❀️ Thank you so much, Angie πŸ˜€ so glad you enjoyed it!❀️

      (and thank you for the lovely prompt)

  2. I love the passion and that wonderful title… of course there was one choice of words that was made for you.

  3. Night or day, we poets are hatching words, ready to whelp poetics on demand–either a prompt or a circumstance. Your romantic perspective is always refreshing as the world strains to survive, and my bones ache with November’s embrace.

  4. Hi Sanaa! (Have I ever told you that’s my favourite name ever?)
    Love the sensuous poem, and especially that virgin sheet of paper… but also the music and rhythm of the image that precedes it. A lovely combination.

  5. Such a beautiful write Sanaa, I especially love ‘Sunshine soft spreads over startling sky as poems one after another make their way onto virgin sheet of paper’ xxx

  6. Ha. Me thinks there is a bit more going on here.
    Though I will say, it is a marvelous thing when the poems really get to flowing.
    I think in the end, they make that sheet a bit more.

    And I hope that is no lie.

    Fun play in the title too, It made me look further.

    Good to see you as well.

  7. This is wonderfully evocative. I like the way you brought your literal and figurative description together in the final verse.

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