Of love and uncomplicated things

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I observe an orb of pulsating light
whispering to trees who were blushing red
of sanity hanging by a single thread.

In a world full of chaos and mayhem
our love for each other is the only thing
that’s constant, the other being noon afire

If I could calm the pensive night
and endure defiance of a rising day
would sing of love and uncomplicated things


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60 Replies to “Of love and uncomplicated things”

  1. In a world full of chaos and mayhem
    our love for each other is the only thing
    that’s constant…

    Without such love, all is chaos indeed.

  2. There’s a willowy thread of calm and sanity between this moon and the noon of the coming day. That inch of grace necessary to finish the crossing. Well done.

  3. Sanity does indeed appear to hang by a single thread.

    Your final stanza speaks of our resilience – o that those of us who seek peace and love could overcome…

    Anna :o]

  4. ‘sanity hanging by a single thread’ describes our current world so well. It’s a wonderful thought, that ‘love for each other is the only thing that’s constant’, but even that’s not uncomplicated. As always, beautiful, Sanaa.

  5. “Uncomplicated things” Will we ever live them ever again when the news is not bad every day and love and hope are joyous thing not a hopeless ones that are difficult to see. Let’s hope those times come back soon Sanaa.

  6. To have a love that is constant is a wonderful thing indeed. Hopefully, it will always remain uncomplicated as well.

    1. Thank you so much, Gillena πŸ˜€ so glad you liked it ❀️

      You too, have a wonderful Sunday! Much love…

  7. What a hectic and busy life we lead. If only there weren’t night to contend with and no day, the earth would still go round and we can’t change that, even when it changes itself. ?? πŸ™‚
    This was fun to read, Sanaa. Makes me think of the annoyances which we must endure.

  8. So many wonderful images here, Sanaa. I particularly liked, ‘sanity hanging by a single thread’, and ‘orb of pulsating light’.

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