Of love and neutral tones

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The era of love is an endless lake
a parable, a song, an inviolableΒ shade
and every time you come to pass
all over again

You’re ardor, lofty days of youth
a Poet’s need and word of truth
I watch as sorrow washed away with rain

Oh that love should abide by a foolish tongue
my heart to a wild remembrance has clung
for every time you come to pass
all over again


Photo credits: Pixabay

“Each time you happen to me all over again.” –Β The Age of Innocence
by Edith Wharton

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66 Replies to “Of love and neutral tones”

  1. Forgiveness, reconciliation, accommodation–love is not linear. Your poem is truly romantic, but a hint of pragmatism. How many times can the human heart start over on yet another love journey? I believe, we are meant to love, and be loved–without it we are turtles without shells–functional but incomplete. hope there are no limits on love ReDos

  2. What a lot of wisdom there is in this poem Sanaa, for thinking back over the years all those loves in my life are still there in my memory and as strong and loving as they were back then.

  3. How beautiful! It’s full of wonderful phrases and concepts; I love ‘wild remembrance’ best of all. You have such a gift for combining words in deliciously startling ways which seem nevertheless perfectly ‘right’..

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