Of late, I have been thinking of death and roses

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“Yesterday, the final petal curled its soft lure into bone,” from Corpse Flower by Vanessa Angelica Villarreal

They say I yearn for you in the hush of early dawn
to gather pieces of a memory
long lost,

if only I could paint ignorance
lend grief carelessly to a passing cloud
savor a moment
or two of the deafening loud.

Here lies what could have been a life
here the sun and shadow
whisper promises of renewal and bond,
and though the pain rises back to the surface
I hold back tears
convinced that snow would melt away
all my doubts and fears.

I held a rose,
its petals soft and reassuringly red
you are heartbeat
you are taste of storm
embedded deep into the conscience of winter,
you are reflection
that gazes back at me from the walnut mirror.


~ A tribute to my identical twin sister 🌹

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54 Replies to “Of late, I have been thinking of death and roses”

  1. This is just so beautiful, Sanaa. You capture the ephemeral nature of memory, the tangible quality of love. I found the whole piece very moving.

  2. Oh, this is indeed very moving, aided in part because of the subject matter — in its context and the resulting depth, this speaks of a connection and a loss which may seem incomprehensible but is of the same tactile and visceral quality as any other grief.
    Beautifully wrought, Sanaa! <3

    1. Awww gosh! ❤️ Thank you so much, Susie 😀 so glad you liked it! ❤️

      (and thank you for the lovely prompt)

    1. Doubts and fears of this depth can be melted by the snow simply if the snow is warmer, indeed a subtle and nuanced description of the potential deep iciness of said doubts and fears, it made me also do a double take, I agree with Frank, that is a powerful line

  3. The way you weaved the story here is so good… the flowers and death, I feel that death is a parting… well written.

  4. I felt quite weepy reading this Sanaa. Twin’s are so special to each other and it must be as though a part of you is missing especially as you mention each time when you look in the mirror.

  5. The second stanza is pure ache and longing .. my eyes welled up by the time I finished reading the poem. Such a beautiful tribute to your twin, Sanaa! 💙

  6. “if only I could paint ignorance
    lend grief carelessly to a passing cloud
    savor a moment
    or two of the deafening loud.”

    This is so poignant!

  7. Love the quotation by Villarreal and how it led you to write this poem. Your words stir something deep inside the heart as one contemplates death and loss. Beautiful!

  8. Interesting question to wonder at the possibilities of her life by gazing at your own reflection, as if you were a type of template for what could have been. We lost a daughter at 7 weeks old, and I do sometimes wonder through watching her sister who joined us three years later how her life might have mirrored the other. Hard to say, even twins develop there own path both separate from and bonded to each other. Personally, I feel we will have a chance to find out someday. I love the careful and soft rounding rhyming, carrying an image outwards and then back again.

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