October when shaded leaves pirouette and fall

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If the sun is in redbud leaves
and feeling mounts
the tapered stairway to the heart
then it must be October.

I, like silence that hovers between the eye
and cloud
struggle to make meaning;
must we adhere to unfed hope
when anguish in all its glory
succeeds to write a new chapter?
How is it that misgiving
becomes reason behind sleepless nights?

I sought to let go of pain
believing it to be wisp of white dandelion,
could the impossible ensue
so as to rule out others from its appalling taste?

Autumn, sepia toned
brings fresh sentiments to the mind,
as arms of trees extend
awaiting the promise of her dance;
perhaps life isn’t about desisting bruises
as one slowly treads along its path
but rather staring at the face of woe with a smile.


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64 Replies to “October when shaded leaves pirouette and fall”

  1. This is so beautiful, Sanaa. I loved this bit: “I, like silence that hovers between the eye/and cloud/struggle to make meaning”.
    I had such a good reading experience traversing through your reflections and introspections β€” pain is something that we can let go only in an arbitrary sense, perhaps no one can forego its “appalling taste”. The closing realization made me “smile”. πŸ™‚ <3

  2. Your opening stanza is so elegant. I could sense the welcome of October as she climbs the staircase

    Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday today Sanaa


  3. I think every season has it’s own beauty… and in the end it might be to look at scars and bruises saying:

    “This was a road well taken”

  4. There is power in that final smile, in that bright understanding, in knowing that life is what we make it… And yes, in change, too… because I can never think of Autumn without thinking “change” and rebirth…

  5. Sad, I think, to need to wait through the passionate colors of autumn to find “Autumn, sepia toned” and a new perspective. I think winter allows that, though, allows a restfulness to ease the passions and disappointments of the heart and let the blessings rise.

  6. From the grace of the opening paragraphs to the acceptance of the dance toward the end, this was a lovely write.

  7. How beautifully you wrote this Sanaa. The only thing that perplexed me was the last line “but rather staring at face of woe with a smile” until I remembered a smile was a comfort for children telling them all was OK.

  8. This has become even better with the second reading β€” I love this flow of “fresh sentiments” resulting in this thoughtful reverie, with a perfect closing.

  9. This one sings and zings, combining your emotions with the inexorable change of the season. I like your take on the trees opening their arms to Fall. There is something almost hedonistic about the partied frenzy with which the chameleon leaves furiously dance with the wind until they are exhausted and drop to the ground.

  10. How the seasons are so intimately tied with emotion. I felt this stir inside of me. Loved the” silence that hovers between the eye and the cloud”

  11. perhaps life isn’t about desisting bruises
    as one slowly treads along its path
    but rather staring at face of woe with a smile.

    Brilliantly described of Autumn happenings Sanaa and a great closing!


  12. i love every word you crafted this piece of delightful poetry Sanaa! the words flowed and soothed and also stirred the heart, “tapered stairway to the heart” was divine!

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