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Round hour of whistling sleet and snow
as night blew kisses to the blushful moon,
I tiptoe and slip across hustle and throng.
‘Love is fire’ he whispered in throbbing ear
I crave reticence as roars oh ruthless wind.

One last candle burning low, all the sleepy
dancers gone. Just one candle burning on,
shadows lurking everywhere. “Mistletoe!”
He beamed as though a budding rose.
And so, night ends on a psychedelic note,
As languor transforms to rapturous bliss;
As winter stooped to give summer a kiss.



Photo credits: Abstract Wallpapers

Lines borrowed from the poem Mistletoe by Walter De La Mare.

Posted for Christmas Collaboration @ Real Toads

22 thoughts on “Mistletoe

  1. kaykuala h says:

    And so, night ends on a psychedelic note
    As languor transforms to rapturous bliss

    So it is! Merry Christmas to you Sanaa just the same. Everyone in the world celebrates together irrespective of creed!


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