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“And away they soared climbing through the ivory vibrant cloud, someone passed some bliss among the crowd” – David Bowie from Memory of a Free Festival

I watch as leaves climbing through ivory vibrant clouds
turn from bronze to gold. We tend to flourish in deeds
not years why then should I encourage the bad ― Thru
deepening skies smile rays of hope; scour the heart in
pools of hallowed light.



Photo credits: vividscreen.info

Posted for Quadrille 18 @ dVerse Pub


40 thoughts on “Miserere

  1. Kim M. Russell says:

    You’ve got some gorgeous colour imagery in this one, Sanaa: ivory, bronze and gold, and a wonderfully positive ending: ‘…Thru
    deepening skies smile rays of hope; scour the heart in
    pools of hallowed light.’

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