Memoirs of a burgeoning Poet

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At the touch of you,
the sun rose red
and poured 
into my blood;
as the world around me 
spins and rouses me 
from oblivion. 

the muted voice of subconscious
hushed once by the court
of fear.

You are ardor
that beckons me 
to ride the tumultuous waves.

I wander alone 
knowing anguish followed 
and listened to the sound 
of footsteps in the dead of night.

Its eyes glide
upon my fiery form 
longing to stroke my limbs,
to torture me 
and fill my senses with heady scent. 

Then break me,
come pierce my soul
and stab my heart 
sweep me up into the dark 
and find I am governed by 
the moon and stars.
Come, tell me 
if you can put out the light. 


Photo credits: Unsplash

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52 Replies to “Memoirs of a burgeoning Poet”

  1. Two excellent poems, Sanaa, both with equal measures of passion in meaning.

    The second piece is especially powerful, on the ‘breakable’ theme. The final stanza carried me away.

    Thank you for giving us a glimpse of you handwriting – it adds depth to the words, so personal.

  2. Two handwritten poems, Sanaa, well done! My hand was tired after writing one ! Both poems are beautiful but my favourite is the first. I especially:
    ‘At the touch of you,
    the sun rose red
    and poured
    into my blood’
    ‘You are ardor
    that beckons me
    to ride the tumultuous waves’.

  3. Oh, wow! Such passion and force in both of them. The sweet romanticism of the first is endearing. And I loved the way you encountered anguish in the second one — your buildup with the description of it following you through the night is familiar and stressful and then the final stanza restores a certain power with that challenge. Loved this bit: “come pierce my soul/and stab my heart/sweep me up into the dark/and find I am governed by /the moon and stars.”

  4. Really beautiful, Sanaa… it feels like seeing you on the screen. I love the wood planks holding your notebook. The photos really add something textile here, lovely.

  5. In the first i luv the heat seeping into you like a warming sun. A good sip of wine can do wonders

    Happy you dropped by my sumie Sunday today

    Much love…

  6. The second one gave me shivers–what a great reversal. 🙂 Also, really enjoyed the image of the red sun pouring down.

  7. Just beautiful, Sanaa! I loved seeing your handwriting too.

    “You are ardor
    that beckons me
    to ride the tumultuous waves”
    really is stunning phraseology, Sanaa.

    Your poetry keeps getting better and better!

  8. it’s so great to see a poem in the poet’s handwriting. 🙂
    loved the two poems, both equally full of passion. i can see why poetry can energize you. 🙂

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