Let the music play

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The air is thick with the scent of summer rain
I sigh and recline beneath the canopy of clouds
Observe city bathe in light of hopes and dreams

Listen close as morning plays mellifluous tune
We loiter down lone alleys of muse and delight
Breathe in honeysuckles both yellow and white

Without music our life would be a mistake.



Form: Sevenling

Posted for Celebrations @ dVerse Pub


50 thoughts on “Let the music play

  1. Bjorn Rudberg says:

    Oh how much your world must have changed, from desert to tropics… yes there is so much music in life…

  2. claudia says:

    i love how you include scent here – can smell the honeysuckle… so much music in nature.. and i love a warm summer rain..

  3. Lillian says:

    Having raised two musicians, life without music would indeed be a mistake — like the mute used in the trumpet, it would indeed dampen our souls.

  4. brian miller says:

    the smell just after the rain is awesome…we are about to get hit with a tremendous storm right now…hail and torrential rain, so perhaps after i can enjoy it…the city alight with hopes and dreams would be a wonderful sight as well…interesting i dont know that i ever thought of honeysuckle in the city, i always associated it with the country…it does smell lovely though, warmed by the sun.

  5. gillena says:

    You call an appeal to all our senses, as such we are absorbed into your pensive meditation on Summer Rains, seeing hearing smelling all the delights your muse offers

    Sanaa thanks for linking up at my Monday Writes

    much love…

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