Lavender Sky

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Poem inspired by the title of Richard Wilbur’s poem, ‘Love calls us to the things of this world.’

This morning wasn’t grey 
it was dipped into soothing lavender 
as silence 
is replaced by sounds of early traffic.
the white-heaven bound birds 
glide down 
bringing with them freshly baked hope,
as I manage
to pull myself out of bed.

then calls me to the things of this world
to madness
to chaos 
and to the dark intentions of disquiet,
my mind 
ponders over political salad dressing 
where vegetable bits
turn one against something as relevant 
as kosher salt;
is verity
merely a word lost in translation? 

I greet the day 
with fire in my soul 
and determination raging in my breast,
let there be a breeze of change
let tranquility ripen slowly,
in the midst of life we encounter death
let there be development of tenderness,
let us stare
into the eyes of time, the unthinkable
let the young, old and restless
step into the field, come
let us plough peace as our new principle.


Photo credits: Sunny Day by Joseph Zbukvic

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62 Replies to “Lavender Sky”

  1. “where vegetable bits/turn one against something as relevant/as kosher salt”: Ah, this bit made me smile — I think this is so characterisitic of the subcontinent politics and all that it entails, beyond the carelessly drawn geographical boundaries. I know and I understand.
    The morning wakefulness with its natural wonder moving on to a reacquaintance with the madness of this world is so well portrayed. I love the final stanza with its determination for a better world, for a much-needed change, led by those who are tired of this systematic disrepair and chaos.

  2. Dear Sanaa! I missed reading your beautiful poetry. The snippets on Instagram don’t always tell the full story. 🙂

    This is such a wonderful poem; so much is contained in the second stanza
    “my mind /ponders over political salad dressing …”

    And the determination of the speaker to plough peace in a mad and chaotic world is encouraging.

  3. Wow! This is my new favorite of your poems, Sanaa! To be “dipped into soothing lavender ” may be the only way to bravely “step into the field
    ploughing peace.” Beautiful, powerful, strong!

  4. I LOVE a lavendar sky! and the heaven-bound birds bearing hope. I love the meeting of the day with fire and determination. Yes, please, bring on the winds of change! We need them to blow EVERYWHERE.

  5. Luv how the pace quickens so by the final verse we are ready to rally to the call. Yes let us plough!
    Happy you dropped by my blog today Sanaa


  6. What a beautiful, powerful poem of hope this is Sanaa. The sad part in the world is how much money is made by making armaments as conflicts and wars are encouraged just to make a profit regardless of the harm this does. Larger nations who profit from this talk of peace but are slow to achieve it while the money keeps rolling in.

  7. “come
    let us plough peace as our new principle.”…”plough” Love the vigor and determination compressed in this word. And also the alliteration. Beautiful, Sanaa, as always.

  8. I really like the colours in the first stanza, Sanaa, so gentle – a soft morning – which changes abruptly in the second stanza to the madness and chaos. I like the hint of frustration the lines:
    ‘my mind
    ponders over political salad dressing
    where vegetable bits
    turn one against something as relevant
    as kosher salt’.

  9. This has to be the best poem by you I ever read…. all the metaphors (I will think about this eating my salad)…

    Maybe we are too distracted by pinpricks of less importance and forget the road we should walk together

  10. I agree that this is one of your better efforts. Poetically, it dances off the page and rattles my cage. The two divergent points of view begin their Olympian wrestling match as you shake the slumber and the chaotic melee outside your window off, scrub it out of your hair, as you face the mysteries of a new day, fresh-faced, smiling, loving, arms open.

  11. The line breaks work very well to highlight the repetitions, creating anaphora here and there, especially with let…let…let. And you make a good paraphrase of the Richard Wilbur title, “Love Calls Us to the Things of this World.”

  12. I greet the day
    with fire in my soul
    and determination raging my breast

    Rage on rage on! I like the power and relentless durection of this piece Sanaa. I really like the Photoshop FX on the photo!

  13. Amen!
    I love the momentum of this poem, how it builds in thought and explodes into what I view as a powerful plea or prayer for change. This is absolutely beautiful, Sanaa.

  14. i love the slow languid rising Sanaa, a sensuous arising of oneself to the problems,and feeling creeping in empowers the soul, such powerful writing

  15. I greet the day
    with fire in my soul
    and determination raging in my breast,
    let there be a breeze of change

    Your youth and strength and vitality is so evident in this lovely write, Sanaa!

  16. Wow! What a poem Sanaa! Huge fan of your poetry. Love the way you paint your thoughts with your unique style like freshly baked hope , political salad dressing and veg. bits…..or plough peace. Just love it. Proud of you my child. Hope your poetry brings a positive change. Be blessed.

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