It Begins With A Rumor

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It begins with a rumor,
a cluster of individuals huddled together;
a little taste of something delicious,
and how one embellishes to make it better.
Give it a turn or two, it possesses the power
to compromise the truth—
as though flow of water
which weakens the pillars supporting a roof.

Feed it the nectar of luscious lips,
as conversation resumes in corners—
thick as blood,
it can easily spread
through a settled community;
a sort of contagion effect.

A rumor full of fire slowly goes away
and all that’s left
are ashes—
I wonder how the cream-white moon grinding its teeth
feels knowing the unfortunate believe
a second thought— a rumor is unfounded;
can we hope to listen and rise above it?




Photo credits: Artwork by Stephan Parylak

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A Skylover Wordlist: cream, teeth,
listen 💝

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56 Replies to “It Begins With A Rumor”

  1. I loved this Sanaa. Sadly people are not always happy to accept the truth and so believe in nonsense rather than be disappointed. Humans are a very poor example of wild animals who tend to seek the wisest way rather than the most comfortable one, like us! The moon meanwhile has to observe our stupidity

  2. This is one of the reasons I feel like quitting social media sometimes. People posting memes as if they were facts and all it takes is a quick google search to debunk it. I’ve seen it from all over the political spectrum, and it disgusts me every time. I’m right there grinding my teeth along with the moon.

  3. Perfect choice for your first line. It reads almost innocent. But the ominousness of the tone starts prickling the skin, reminding us that said innocence is just a trap when it comes to rumor. If we open our mouths, it feeds on our souls, and then it spreads.

    May we listen… and rise above it.

    1. Thank you so much, Magaly 😀 so glad you enjoyed it 💄❤️

      (and thank you for the glorious prompt) 🌹

  4. On point, Sanaa. A rumor certainly fits the prompt for a contagion.
    “the unfortunate believe
    sparing a second thought”
    The unfortunate that believe such things spread it to the unfortunate victims as well.

  5. This is one of the worst contagions I can think of… and how it grows from fluff into something barb-wired and vicious… humans can do each other so much harm

  6. Remember how cruel other children were during our school days? Then for a time, post-college, we do mature, we do “rise above it”; the comes retirement, with its conclave of whispering groups, and we seem to regress emotionally.

    1. I guess I was thinking about those days and remembering the cruelty subconsciously while writing this poem. Thank you so much, Glenn 🙂 so glad you liked it 💄❤️

  7. “It begins with a rumor” I adore that opening line, Sanaa. Its ominousness pulls you right in and you follow through with it beautifully.

    “A rumor full of fire slowly goes away
    and all that’s left are ashes—” <– loved that!

  8. Rumors can truly be devastating leaving as you say only ashes in the end. Gossip is like putting a little red pepper on a sandwich of rhumors thinking it makes it taste so much better! Well Done!

  9. “misinformation followed us like a plague” ..Paul Simon
    This is an excellent poem, Sanaa, captures the feverishness and velocity of a viral rumour!

  10. I’d say the most damaging contagion in circulation, what you address here in your great poem.. Hope we can rise above it, just that it mutates and attacks our emotions and leaves people confused as news are rumours. Seemingly opposite sides, the same contagion. Bravo!

  11. Gossip and rumors have always been part of human society, but social media has made it worse–or at least allow rumors to spread more rapidly. I like the way your poem makes the analogy with contagion–the conversation “thick as blood.” Like others I also like that moon! 🙂

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