In celebration of Poesy

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Poesy as though a fragrant breeze
Swept me from shade to sunshine
(Addled) my heart paused to breathe
While acerb things conduce to sweet
Poesy as though stirring rose
Lead me from dolour to hope
(Poised) my heart observes with glee
As spirit absolved rose wild and free
Poesy (complacent) with azure wings
I found her (not) rather she found me



Photo credits: Fine Art America

Posted for Poetics @ dverse Poets Pub


Posted on Sunday Lime @ Lunch Break


30 Replies to “In celebration of Poesy”

  1. A celebration of poetry as hope and light! I like the way you placed certain words in parentheses, which made me think about them: addled, poised and complacent. A beautiful image of poetry as a stirring rose, Sanaa!

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