In a mirror at midnight

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As I turn pages
of dismal,
dark and decadent night,
a gorgeous
itch of you
bleeds through
into tomorrow.
Feel summer
weave into wind,
dance with dilated leaves,
we align
our mouths
and kiss
misery away.
Love for you exists but
is it enough?


Photo credits: Blake Carmichael, BurntΒ 

Posted for Quadrille #60 @ dVerse Pub

And on Tuesday Platform @ Real Toads

70 thoughts on “In a mirror at midnight

  1. Old Egg says:

    What some gorgeous word combinations here Sanaa; especially “gorgeous itch”, ”decadent night” and not forgetting “align our mouths and kiss misery away” that even gives this old reader the itch too!

  2. Daniella Moyles says:

    There is something about the image of Summer flirting with the wind and “dilatedΒ leaves” that give delightful goosebumps! Fine write.

  3. Jim says:

    Nice quadrille, Sanaa. Being alone at night is hard, a good reason not to. If that loneliness is from a liked one not being there.

  4. Lona Gynt says:

    β€œIn a mirror β€œ sigh… lovely lack of disambiguation, leaves us wondering has she descended into lover’s arms or a dream? Poignant final question, for the ages…
    And oh the dilated leaves!
    Thank you.

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