If I could reverse past hour and sun

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Until recently I hadn’t
noticed the sun-drenched
sky, how can one bathe
in its light and yet tremble
upon heavenly sight?

How readily you kiss me,
like a post-it note
you lay it on.
Perhaps feeling is a dish
unsung to the callous.

Like placid brown water
you remain unruffled,
can you hear the sound
of a slow-breaking heart?

I have given up trying 
to understand you,
in hopes that arriving
moment won’t nearly
be as painful.


Photo credits: Unsplash

Posted for Music with Marian @ Real Toads

14 thoughts on “If I could reverse past hour and sun

  1. Kerry says:

    The post-it note kiss is a unique image and so painfully suggests one who takes another for granted. An unhappy refrain indeed.

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