I Weep (Not)

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It seems as though with passage
of blooming years, my tears have
dried, surging o’ heart with cheer.
You are sunshine gold streaming
past porpoise skies ―

I weep not nor hold dear inward
moan, you are hope o’ belief as
roses succeed showers of snow.
In euphonious tones, our souls
(afire) now breathe as one.



Photo credits: One HD Wallpaper

(Tribute to my closest friend Aqsa Siddiqui.)

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64 Replies to “I Weep (Not)”

  1. Ah! This maturity comes with the experience of what all life entails and in the end, the tears perhaps have to be kept hidden. And when souls breathe as one, I don’t think that anyone could ever want more than that.
    A thoughtfully written verse. 🙂

  2. A beautiful tribute to a friend – one I’m sure they appreciated very much. I especially like “you are hope o’belief as roses succeed showers of snow”

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