Hours before love’s last breath

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Choosing sepia
is as though softening
life’s storm,
it’s being conscious of one’s strength
which strives
to bear the unchanging sun.

Neither picture
nor memory placate
the cadence of your voice haunts
as I struggle
with my heart and head,
without you
I am a flower plucked–
destined to wither before its hour.


Photo credits: Adolph de Meyer Still life, 1908.

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50 Replies to “Hours before love’s last breath”

  1. I love the phrase ‘softening life’s storm’, Sanaa, and the lines:
    ‘I am a flower plucked–
    destined to wither before its hour’.
    A gorgeous interpretation of the image!.

  2. This curls up around my heart and I find myself reading all kinds of experiences into it–trying to have joy in spite of present regrets/sadnesses through managing what we remember.

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