52 Replies to “Hour of Thought”

  1. I agree. 🙂 The poet definitely needs to keep that door to madness open. The hour of thought can come any time, just like a mad rush that makes it into a complete poem, the soul reflecting on it. Beautiful. Love the picture too!

  2. “…in keeping ajar the door that can lead to…”

    A pebble always poised the break the surface, our courage indeed lies in our willingness to face it and then pen it all – the joy and yes, the madness. You’ve captured this so well. Excellent write and photograph.

  3. Oh yes, we do need that little door open, we need to thread on roads not walked, but we need to be able to walk back as well.

  4. This shall go in my Favorites by Sanaa List. There is such depth in these short lines. I can see all the way into the speaker’s soul… and I’m intrigued by what lies within.

  5. Oh this is so true…I think there are uncharted territories in our mind, glimpses of madness that lend to some profound and beautiful poetry. Love this, Sanaa.

  6. Wonderful, Sanaa! I like the way you used the prompt word as ‘ajar’. Poets and madness…could be a spark of genius there, also! 🙂

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