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Mermaids throughout thus lost city of Atlantis whispered tales of their royal rebel. Ariel – one who dreamt of life above the seas where men were seldom found at ease. Though human turned her bod, the heart remained at sea. Thus, capricious soul of auburn locks was born. Ariel – mother to new-born babe peeked out through the velvet drapes; whispering prayers beneath the golden sun. Years after the birth of son, similar events began to brew. Beguiled with beauteous dame at sea; sought peril and its devious course pursued. As such, the legend itself repeats with thus a glorious hope in view.

Defying thus law
of nature alongside
ocean’s pastel hues.


Photo credits: wall.alphacoders.com

Dark Poetry for Cruellest Month


20 Replies to “Heritage”

  1. Sometimes it goes like that – our offspring try to parallel our own journeys. Hopefully time has made the mermaid wiser and she can help her son’s journey of self discovery.

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