Garden of Verse

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I gaze intently above at aegean skies
as though attempting to lure with smile
Come breathe in lushness of merigold
Play along jovial whispers of the wind ―
Believe nature mends all that’s broken
Those whose gentle soul’s dismayed ―
Beneath footsteps often hope does tread



Photo credits:  Carol Law Conklin Batik Artist

Posted on Artistic Interpretations @ Real Toads

For my prompt “Round hour of dawning blush, come blow me a Wish”
on 9th December at 8:00 am EDT

also posted on poems written on Prompt Nights 

32 Replies to “Garden of Verse”

  1. Those whose gentle soul’s dismayed ―
    Beneath footsteps oft hope does tread

    Even though one may face disappointments there is bound to be hope. One must tread gently so as expect hope to take a peek to address the issues.


  2. Those “aegean skies” have charmed your poet writer. Each line was great, my favorite was the belief that “nature mends all that’s broken.” Very simple yet some really do, hence all the natural remedies.

  3. Very introspective take on the prompt. There is something about birthdays, especially as we get older, where we try to come to terms with the past year so we have a better foundation for moving ahead.

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