From the other side of the world

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Round up the centuries and feel the heat,
the percussion of lightly perfumed syllables joined
by other strings–
and though April is sullen
let us remain together in Poetry,
make use of the fire that’s raging in our breasts–
primrose dreams remind us
that even in the face of adversity, we are inseparable.



Photo credits: Pinterest

Day two ~ Taking it to the Streets

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14 Replies to “From the other side of the world”

  1. I like this, Sanaa. Though the countries rage the artists speak different languages and enjoy their commonality.
    In the blogging days I used to blog with several Iranian bloggers. Even now the ham radio folk soothe the borders.
    BTW, did you know that we were in Dubai this December, then went to Aba Daba, Fujairah, and Oman, before sailing to the Indian Coast? We talked of you.

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