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Magnolias know not of sinful taste;
uncomplicated as they are,
I could be wrong, (and I sometimes am)
but I sense, you feel it too,
don’t you?
I’ll give you
certainty without caveats,
and a lasting embrace
for every
of you.




Photo credits: ‘The Lovers Series,’ by Puczel, Pinterest

Merril is our hostess today at dVerse and the word
is “embrace.” Come join us! πŸ’

Posted for Quadrille #121 @ dVerse Poets Pub

56 Replies to “Flirtation”

    1. Thank you so much, Merril πŸ˜€ so glad you enjoyed it πŸ’„β€οΈ

      (and thank you for the glorious prompt) 🌹

  1. Ah, the magnolia, a gorgeous shrub, Sanaa. I’ve always wanted one in our garden – maybe after our final house move, hopefully close to my daughter – although the blossoms don’t last very long. Someone’s lucky to get a lasting embrace like that!

    1. Thank you so much, my dearest Kim πŸ˜€ so glad the poem resonated with you πŸ’„β€οΈ

      (yes hopefully!) πŸ™‚

  2. I love this! It’s romantic, sensual, and seductive. It fits the tone and mood for Valentine’s day so well. I loved these lines the most, admittedly:

    “Magnolias know not of sinful taste;
    uncomplicated as they are,
    I could be wrong, (and I sometimes am)”

    Makes me think of how lovers embrace the chaos of the other and what we can consider “depraved” with our feelings. But, that’s probably the most appealing thing about it, that not everyone is “innocent” and that we can embrace the darkest parts too. That’s what I adore about this piece, inching along flirtation and romanticism. It’s raw and so utterly passionate.

  3. Lucy nailed it. This is a romantic poem with dark edges. Those first budding embraces following flirtation, are alway molten, A thousand kisses later (as Leonard Cohen sang) it may be more difficult to keep the temperature and tempo up.

  4. Yes, very romantic, though I’ve never understood what people see in magnolias. I like the unconditional giving.

  5. I’m smiling as I feel fully embraced!

    May sound like it’s for your partner but I’ll enjoy it too … a magnolias are blooming now, the perfume

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