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Our faith’s a pier-less bridge round
corner of blizzard
and dust, so long
as men can see and cipher the song

of trust. Let hope, desire and whim
watch the morning
rise we mount a
path ahead, oh with thoughtful pace


For fear the stars would melt we dried
our vale of tears, a
sound of brimstone
burning whisper into our ears.
It bears
the soul as bold. to duel the storm and
chase, Lord
what woes we must endure
in search of form and grace.

Amid incense and spiritual hymns;
The dawn of hope and faith begins.


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For my prompt ‘guerison par la foi – Faith, healing’ tomorrow at
8:00 am EDT.

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66 Replies to “Faith”

  1. Beautiful lines:
    ‘For fear the stars would melt, we dried our vale of tears;
    the sound of brimstone burning whispered into our ears.’

  2. The last two lines are my favorite bit. I love beginnings–they are always filled with promise, even the ones that also mark the end of something terrible. I can smell the incense, and feel the hope trickling in. ♥

  3. “the sound of brimstone burning whispered in our ears”—wow, now that is quite the image…and, I would imagine, quite the motivation to sit up and listen!!

  4. This is so good. I love this section:

    ” whim watch the morning
    rise; we mount the path ahead with thoughtful pace

    For fear the stars would melt”

    How clever, the way you hid “re-vice” inside of “revise” by letting it hang on its own line.

  5. This is beautiful Sanaa. I love the last lines. The poem left me in a prayerful mood and helped me focus on things unseen, which may matter more than the visible.

  6. Incense and spiritual hymns are great gifts to me, although I have much more of the latter than the former.

  7. Whoa! That was excellent… as the power of the words rolled on… wait let me re-read, be right back… “to duel the storm and chase”
    …you do not need to chase the stars… you are one.

  8. What a positive, hopeful piece. In spite of some of the seemingly threatening, fearful elements in life, we still have hope and faith. Loved the imagery in the very first line.

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