Evening Primrose

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It blooms in spite of shadow,
lure of dismal, dreary and dark, 
where grey clouds
with soft, ethereal light
as I meandered and curled
a long and winding path. 

It seemed almost natural
and all the while I kept my eyes on pale
and nodding grass,
the sweet conviction tasted as honey 
and milk,
as strength of majestic mountains, rivers
and wind
offered themselves to me. 

I carried a primrose
and fled
upon the arrival of mulberry dusk,
in my palm
I held what I thought to be essence of life
in the universe.


Photo credits: Pinterest 

A childhood memory in Muzaffarabad, Kashmir ❤️

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52 Replies to “Evening Primrose”

  1. So true what your poem says about the conviction of a child. While the world remains pure to our minds, belief can taste unquestionably sweet.

    This is so a cute picture of you. And that smile!

  2. A beautiful splash of colour on a grey winter morning, Sanaa, and I love the photo of you as a little child! I also love the lines:
    ‘the sweet conviction tasted as honey
    and milk’
    ‘I held what I thought to be essence of life
    in the universe’.
    You’ve captured childhood in a flower.

  3. If only we could retain our childhood wonder at the beauties of nature.. look at every primrose with the eyes of a child.

  4. When the bloom says “come here and pick me” to a child and it brightens the gloom and changes the gray, it surely is wise for a child to see it as the meaning of the universe. It’s a gift, a happiness, a sacrifice–all done with tenderness. I love that you may be carrying this moment in your heart, that your poem gives it to us.

  5. how sweet and wonderful is this memory.
    maybe a child sees differently from adults, that the flower in her hand is indeed the essence of life in the universe.

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