étaient i libre

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Autumn leaves twirl dreamily round in the wind
I sigh as some fall reassuringly so unto my palm
Though days may not be bright and balmy
Yet calm that follows is fraught with glory
Like a bird flailing its wings to the pulse of nature
The soul impetuous breathes both zest and song
In the moment that passed I felt that I too was free



Photo credits: pixabay.com

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For my prompt ‘Crunching, crinkling autumn swirling in the breeze
on Friday 30th September at 8:00 am EDT

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36 Replies to “étaient i libre”

  1. You are right that as each season ends there is that relief as the change occurs moving you on with it giving you the opportunity, the freedom to enjoy life and the world to your fullest. Beautifully done Sanaa.

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