Dream of Peace

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At night while world is fast asleep;
We give our souls their full release.
The scent of daisies and violets blue;
Rose and faded their hopeful hue.
All earthly doubt they thus remove;
Trust and mountains readily move.
Possess a heart and point to prove.
Hope won’t flicker – hope won’t cease
I dream of song – I dream of peace

Dew drops are gems of winter morn;
The calm within the snow and storm.
Oh take me back where I belong;
Love for peace just can’t be wrong.
Time to prosper – time to increase
I dream of song – I dream of peace



Photo credits:Β hdwallpapers.cat

Form: Rondeau

Posted for Poetics @ dVerse Poets Pub


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50 Replies to “Dream of Peace”

  1. Bedtime is one of my favorite times for at night while asleep my mind reflects as my body heals and does what’s necessary so that I can face the next day. Peace is something we must all hope for, you aren’t wrong.

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