Don’t Tell The World You’re Waiting

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Clean hands undulate an unsightly place,
as beautiful night beholds a shapely thing
in order that elegant group makes long study.

While a gorgeous home feels plain at times,
a drab day bursts before an unkempt world
even though dazzling job makes stocky people.

Fancy coffee feels as though a magnificent thing,
as long as
glamorous life slays long problems
so that bald facts arise shortly after a year.



Photo credits: Hummingbird Bakery, Alien Ted, Flickr

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50 Replies to “Don’t Tell The World You’re Waiting”

  1. Fancy coffee (and all sorts of coffee) is a magnificent thing, indeed.

    P.S. You were not supposed to break the groups, leaving them unbroken is seeing what comes up is part of the fun. But… since this one seems to be more difficult to play with than I thought it would be, I shan’t say a thing. Oops! I said it.

    Thank you so much for playing (and for coffee!).

    1. (Oops! Line breaks are kinda habitual for me) Thank you so much, Magaly πŸ˜€ so glad you enjoyed it ❀️

      (and thank you for the lovely prompt) 🌹

      1. I love the look and feel of the poem after the omission of the line breaks. The first two lines are particularly powerful this way, one can’t help wondering about those unsightly places and shapely things. And the thought of a glamorous life slaying problems made me laugh aloud.


  2. Ha, I think I would settle for that ‘gorgeous home’ even if it was a bit plain! Smiles. What a fun way to write poetry as I mentioned to Magaly.

  3. A gorgeous home feeling plain makes me think of people who are so busy keeping up with the Joneses (or worse, the Kardashians) that they don’t see how they’ve given up their sense of beauty to the whims of someone else.

  4. I too liked how you made some sense of this form Sanaa. Seeing the rules I was glad that I avoided it this time as it looked as though you were all torturing yourselves!

    1. (Yes, it was rather difficult! But I am glad I did it!) Thank you so much, Robin πŸ˜€ so glad you liked it ❀️

  5. “as beautiful night beholds a shapely thing”
    Luv this line for its promise. Moon, romance, and the aesthetic of poetry, as words shape dreams and fantasies.
    Happy Sunday. Thanks for dropping by my sumie Sunday today Sanaa


  6. Love it! What a fun – and very cool – way, for writer’s to explore perspective and interpretation. And yes, it does make a strange sort of sense of the nonsensical.

  7. as long as glamorous life slays long problems
    so that bald facts arise shortly after a year.

    One is not short of being impacted by and from any direction that causes sorrow. It is consequential after a time that makes it an item to be addressed more fairly later. One is normally allowed the luxury of repentance at a later stage when circumstances are less heated


  8. ‘Fancy coffee feels as though a magnificent thing,
    as long asΒ glamorous life slays long problems’

    Wowww!! Love the way you worked out the word combinations here πŸ’™πŸ’™

  9. What a fun way to write poetry, Sanaa. I think the struggle with this structure truly brought out the best in you!

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