Disclosed on the cliffs of heart

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Outside golden light
gleaming soft upon my skin.
Such a strong sense of you
as I bend towards sleep,
exchange a smile that’s shyly
lewd, mournful and serene.
Night grew quiet as I recalled
brutality and sadism that
seem to appear in cyclical pattern.


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Posted for ‘Quadrille #59′ @ dVerse Pub

And on ‘Tuesday Platform’ @ Real Toads

66 Replies to “Disclosed on the cliffs of heart”

  1. The ambiguity in the ending makes me wonder if the cycles are yours or your beloved’s. I do like the interesting twist at the end.

  2. The picture is ethereal, the beginning romantic and then, it dips into …… a reflection on life and love.

  3. Believed your poem to be going in one direction, but the brutality and sadism line slammed the melancholy door shut. Some complex emotion there..

  4. What an ending! The last few lines are terrifying all by themselves, but reading them after experiencing the tenderness of the beginning makes them even more explosive. Like abuse, which is more painful because most abusers don’t do it all the time.

  5. Interesting and surprising. Leaving questions in the mind of the reader makes for mystery also. Happy you dropped by my blog today Sanaa


  6. You have packed a lot of emotion into this quadrille! If you ever get that gut feeling that something isn’t right about a person or situation, trust it.

  7. Such a strong sense of you
    as I bend towards sleep, –

    these are my favorite lines, especially the idea of bending towards sleep – what a very interesting and fascinating image this paints – how intimate –
    and as others have said, quite the abrupt twist in the ending – quite the counterpoint, all in 44!

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