26 Replies to “Desire”

  1. This is excellent.

    I love the “ash” inside “wash” … the painted lips (what a gorgeous picture) … the “b” and the “p” in the second appearance of “p(aint)” at the end with the extra white space around them (it turns into blood-pressure, for me … So full control over one’s blood-pressure speaks to meditating and making healthy choices to overcome unhealthy desires. That’s what I take away from this piece.

  2. Terrific sensual imaginative Jambing; fun & stirring using several forms of enjambment, keeping us hopping along with the unique rhythm of the piece. I like the lines /ad-just with thorns/the fear-less ones/the world ad-orns/.

  3. What a gorgeous visual, coupled with your piece. I love all the space and movement you’ve created here, and the double verb in blooms/looms (I have never noticed that one before – it ROCKS!)
    Also love the negation of the verb “paint” simply by setting off “aint.” And that “just with thorns.” Just wonderful.

  4. “The fearless ones the world adorns”; ah yes passionate love needs that leap of risk; luv this daring little write

    Thank you for linking up at Monday WRites Sanaa

    much love…

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