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  1. This is excellent.

    I love the “ash” inside “wash” … the painted lips (what a gorgeous picture) … the “b” and the “p” in the second appearance of “p(aint)” at the end with the extra white space around them (it turns into blood-pressure, for me … So full control over one’s blood-pressure speaks to meditating and making healthy choices to overcome unhealthy desires. That’s what I take away from this piece.

  2. Terrific sensual imaginative Jambing; fun & stirring using several forms of enjambment, keeping us hopping along with the unique rhythm of the piece. I like the lines /ad-just with thorns/the fear-less ones/the world ad-orns/.

  3. What a gorgeous visual, coupled with your piece. I love all the space and movement you’ve created here, and the double verb in blooms/looms (I have never noticed that one before – it ROCKS!)
    Also love the negation of the verb “paint” simply by setting off “aint.” And that “just with thorns.” Just wonderful.

  4. Well done, Sanaa. You worked your words and their arrangement well. I like the idea of desire painting your mind and soul!

  5. “The fearless ones the world adorns”; ah yes passionate love needs that leap of risk; luv this daring little write

    Thank you for linking up at Monday WRites Sanaa

    much love…

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