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Delirium lurks near pebbled corner
its breath a cloud of ash and smoke.
I gasp in horror as it advances forth
probing into both mind and soul ―

Wind strikes hard as cold settles in,
feeling angst, sweet as boysenberry.
I flash a devious smile as above flies
hawk. Rouse me lest I breathe not
hope ―



Photo credits:Β Leesha Hannigan

Kerry asked us to consider part of the film Samsara, The Angst of Sagazan for our work.

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56 Replies to “Delirium”

  1. Great work evoking an emotion using your imagery. I particularly liked how you built to that last line. Well done and viva la!

  2. The idea of angst being as sweet as boysenberry is a really intriguing image. It almost makes me think that the protagonist savors the taste of madness, even its just a tiny bit, and yet the intensity of it is so cloyingly sweet as to be suffocating.

  3. flash a devious smile as above flies hawk.
    rouse me lest I breathe not hope ―

    There may be hints to be thinking about. Still one must be able to foresee whether it will offer some solutions


  4. The Boysenberry threw me off course for minute, and then I remember a time decades ago when I thought madeness would be restful, a sweet break from reality. I like that in the midst of this plea not to succumb.

  5. Madness is an escape we must allow ourselves on occasion, lest we lose sight of what sanity really looks like. I too like the Boysenberry reference. It forces the reader to stop and consider,


  6. Wonderful opening lines, Sanaa:
    ‘Delirium lurks near pebbled corner
    its breath a cloud of ash and smoke’.
    But I really like the way the final stanza hints at the enjoyment of angst, that twisted longing for it!

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