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And a slight glint in your eyes
as piece by piece it all comes together.
Deception’s the hidden thorn that
longs to pierce us deep.

Although aware of ways you repress
plainly I acclaim smooth-speaking tongue
as poetry bleeds out hurt and lies.

I see the way you look at me,
oh feel the malice in saccharine smile.
This facade that you carry would last
no more than a while.

I glance as gibbous moon unravels
the pallor of your face, as bare bones
reflect unrelenting scheme, character.


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38 Replies to “Deception”

  1. What an incredibly brilliant response, Sanaa! I love how it starts with ‘And’ and sweeps us along in the argument. The saccharine smile says it all.

  2. I wonder how often we are deceived by that sweet smile… not knowing the difference between honey and the artificial alternative. Those sweet talking people always win unless we can see through the skin.

  3. How hurt we are when deception finally surfaces and we are met with those saccharine smiles, and we do so hope that somehow we are wrong.
    It is easy to be deceived, but harder to bear.
    Love your words.
    Anna :o]

  4. I feel as if I am eavesdropping on a conversation that has already started and am wondering what came before the slight glint of deception, the smooth-speaking tongue
    and the saccharine smile. By the end of the poem, I have a great sense of unease – what will happen next?

  5. Lies rot everything they touch, eating up the flesh and revealing the hard muck. Your poem is a testament, for I believe it is true–none can lie forever, and when their untruths lose their cloak, we get to see the hollow bones that lie beneath.

  6. There are so many that hide deviousness behind such simple a smile.
    Disarming, enchanting. At least you seem to have the wisdom to know this
    avoiding the trainwreck of heartbreak that comes when deception
    is unveiled.

    And it always is eventually.

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