Cruelly, love

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Oh, love that warbles through till dawn
and whispers sickly-sweet goodbyes
Β like a silhouette against the startling sky

At length, I praised with wanton sighΒ 
wiped remorse and felt your lips and
wonder if you’d offer me last breath.

Yet somehow, they make us whole,
how cruel is life to those who own
tender hearts and forbearing souls-


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Posted for Music with Marian @ Real Toads

28 Replies to “Cruelly, love”

  1. Unfortunately, the sad times, trying times is often what makes us grow. The trick is not to dwell in them too long, let them shape us into a sad person – but to grow and overcome.

  2. Do we grow stronger by being scarred? Sometimes I feel that’s the case… but it can suffocate us too… Loved your poem.

  3. “like a silhouette against the startling sky”

    What light through yonder window breaks?

    Beautiful and poignant – nearly perfect in a sad imperfect world


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