Crashing, frothing, ebbing, the tide carries them away

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I want to say something haunting about
the tossing white waves;
but all I can think about is blood
staining the walls of Palestine—
orchards severed,
pencils, pretzels and shuddering breath
not always visible;
May is a wound festering, can you feel it?





Photo credits: Nicolai Yegorovich Makovsky artwork, Pinterest

Lillian is our hostess today at dVerse and the word is
“Wound.” Come join us! 🥠

Posted for Quadrille #128: What’s in a Word @ dVerse Poets Pub


30 Replies to “Crashing, frothing, ebbing, the tide carries them away”

  1. Many a wound is festering in this month of May, sadly. The gentle alliteration in the words ‘paper,
    pencils, pretzels and shuddering breath’ is like a breath of peace instead of gunfire. If only!

  2. Yes though the theme has a long history of bloodshed. Still its very sad and haunting; a wound festering makes me think something even bloodier is coming.

    1. May the Lord have mercy. Thank you so much, Grace 🙂 so glad the poem resonated with you 💄❤️

  3. Oh Sanaa….you have captured the pain of the fighting…the disillusionment of humanity. These are such painful times. The delicacy of human lives lost…their thread of existence is captured so well in your words “orchard…paper….pencils….pretzels.” The things of every day life desecrated by bombs and fighting.

    1. Thank you so much, Lillian.. yes it’s all over the news and social media so I thought to pen a poem. I am glad it spoke to you the way it did 💄❤️

      (and thank you for the glorious prompt)

  4. Your title is so full of movement in its ‘crashing, frothing, ebbing and carrying away’, which made me wonder who the tide was carrying away, Sanaa. And then you revealed all in your tragic quadrille. I love the alliteration in ‘pencils, pretzels’ and the culmination of the phrase in ‘shuddering breath’, and the fitting metaphor, ‘May is a wound festering’ – it is, in more ways than one.

  5. “tossing white waves”
    “blood stained walls”

    a harsh contrast for such anguish.
    i fear the blood will never be washed away…
    my heart goes to the innocent children.

  6. I’m glad you put your pencil to paper to express a lament of the violence erupting again in that area of the world…a festering wound indeed.

  7. Most think of haunting as a disruption of quiet stillness and there is so much impact with your words especially the “paper,
    pencils, pretzels” alliteration that almost comes off like gunfire stopping the ‘tossing’ and ‘staining’. Yes, I feel this.

  8. That Israeli Prime Minister is “wagging the dog”… All these politicians make that move when their power is on the line. I wonder if this conflict will ever resolve itself.
    The madness and upheaval is well captured in your poem.


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