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I see her when she comes, apparelled like Spring 
colors, sweep across mountains, valleys and hills.
Here are the surging waves and the restless wind
working together to form white surf in unison.

Like awning of incandescent blue above dappled
sunshine is Summer bidding oh song of bird and 
showers. There’s both, heat and soil temperature
burning together to birth black eyed susan.

She arrived soon, in swathes of red, lady Autumn
spilling year’s last of loveliest smiles. I, observed
as rustle of crisp leaves side with migrating geese 
so that life can harmonize with nature.

Before time could blink, I promised a dance with
Winter, we paint the land with marble and chisel,
sharing secret and inner-most workings of power
which in Spring, will burst, in discernible activity.

Continuum tends to keep on going, changing ever
so slowly, over time, like the cycle of four seasons.
I wondered while sipping morning tea, being one
out of million atoms, in the universe, if the theory
applied to me. 



Photo credits: WallpaperSafari

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56 Replies to “Continuum”

  1. You have captured the beauty of time as it moves in the most charming way… it gives that sense of movement even if you stay in the same place.

  2. Time passing is inevitable. Change I believe can move slower than time for some and be but the blink of an eye for others. Lovely seasonal take on the prompt.

  3. There is so much colour and movement in this, Sanaa – how could anyone think it possible for time to stand still?! I love the way you have cycled through the seasons and still found time to ponder on the theory!

  4. I love the lyrical quality of the description and the way you broke the 4th wall at the end. Right on point.

  5. The speaker seems minuscule and indispensable at the same time. And I love that. For in a universe where everything is connected, the loss of one is the loss of everything.

  6. I love the change of seasons. I lived for a time in a clime where the change of seasons was not discernible, and I longed for my Indiana home. I resonate with your descriptive words!

  7. your words made me realise how seamless the change of seasons can be on the heart and mind when one lives nature and sees beauty in everything, you have such an eye and a heart full of wonder.

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