Come again shining and glance in your good time oh naked wind, late morning

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Milkweed is conscious of those who are impertinent,
as Autumn
spreads out and the pods burst
the kind of poems I write are ones you read
when in need of hope
stretched out underneath the vanilla sky.

It’s interesting the way you twist words to work
in your favour,
step into the light of day
aware that falcons are more than able to swallow
the language clean.

I lie in bed and wait for reasoning to come and enlighten me
as strawberries fruit in October
unselfishly red–
nothing seems to be black or broken and yet
I am appalled by the manner in which leaves kiss the ground
perhaps they know of pretense
of scent and decay that accompanies betrayal.

A memory that will wet your lips every time you open
your mouth.


Photo credits: Charles Dawley, Flickr

Posted for Pantry of Poetry and Prose @ Poets United

26 Replies to “Come again shining and glance in your good time oh naked wind, late morning”

  1. Breaking the season into so many tempting scents and flavors and yet bringing in shuddery undertones–this is beautiful.

  2. What i like about this is that there appears to be two stories being told here. One of course being the reaction to the arrival of Autumn and the other the feeling of betrayal in a relationship. Beautifully written Sanaa.

  3. One of the things I enjoy about prompts is how good they are at remind us about the fluidity of ideas and feelings. For this speaker, October/fall seems like a terrible thing (a betrayal). Something that involves pain. I wonder, if at some point (after the dead leaves feed the soil for spring), the speaker might come to a different opinion, if October/autumn will become a step towards change and rebirth.

  4. A pensive mood skillfully delivered with carefully chosen words. Each line affecting as the busting pods, and spilling into every stanza. May the leaves kissing the ground be the manure to fertilize new memories to bloom! This is a wonderful response and a beautiful write, Sanaa! <3

  5. There’s an edge to the pretty images, and a baring of teeth in the smile. I like how the subject calls out the betrayal in no uncertain terms, and that they will not allow themselves to be fooled again.

  6. I like the Milkweed pods alluded to Autumn bursting interrelated to strawberries fruit in October which there isn’t any except in Mexico or other parts south. Poor fellow, our reasoning will not enlighten us as to his ways.

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