Of love and new beginnings

And you’ll see them unfolding in snow,
consume the woes of cold January sun
and my heart would taste our laughter,
oh embrace the change brought on by
gesturing years.

The destined sky was filled with clouds,
as I pause and reflect on the emotions
weaving the strands of my soul.

He was made of all things complicated,
and though I couldn’t make sense was
drawn deeper still into the roaring tide.

Perhaps love means to stand by one even
if they give us a thousand reasons not to.
And if that’s so, how beautifully blind we
become so as to ignore their faults-

I close the window on doubt and set foot
on a path to new beginnings.


Photo credits: Pixabay

Word List: Pause, reflect, unfolding, years. Also linking to Leo’s WednesdayVerses

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At The Brink Of Night

The hour of grey mists and steady rain
sends my thoughts soaring. I am part
pain and part longing, reflecting upon
the shades of night.

The wind whispers a thousand verses,
ushering cries of newborns and hopes
of estranged lovers.

The mystery overwhelms me as I find
the words and let them sing. I sought
to assuage the pain, embrace the soul-
searching droplets: so that everything
even that which was remotely related,
would heal with the passage of time.

Like an ancient fear turned to dust and
left to fade.


Photo credits: Instagram

Brendan invites us to play tennis with a ghost. I chose to play with Rainer Maria
Rilke and his poem ‘At The Brink Of Night.

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Of Darkness and Soul

Gliding aroused
and enshrouded in a crowd,
my heart pounds under the
fierce July sun.

His darkness calls and my soul
aches, always delivering more
than expected.

Within us there is buried light,
I thought as I sailed the sea
of varied emotions.

I sought to battle with his
demons, knowing that though
they were silenced they could
never truly be defeated.

And anything that I could want
was there in his eyes.

For growth requires soul to
have endured both joy and pain,
and light demands darkness so
as to emanate and be seen.



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The Hour Until Dawn

New thoughts bounce around
inside my head as fireflies did
when I used to gaze at stars
in hopes of persuading the
dark and disheartening night.
Surrender to inner voice that
beckons from deep inside the
subconscious  it’s the only
way to emerge unconquered.


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The Ritual

The night seemed to sound only of water
thought her wearied soul and mind,
inclined towards the sky that had darkened
to a faint violet–inviolate as though free
from desecration and blind rage.

Age, she thought was like climbing a summit,
the further we climb the clearer our views get.
Forget the one who hurt you yesterday
because lives fade like a passing shadow.

Espresso and a half-written page peered
 as a tear blossomed in her eye.
 Why was her heart bent upon following a
 ritual where each stretch of the imagination
 was tortured. Orchard, which had once
 belonged to my mother was mine--


Photo credits: Pixabay

Form: Chained Rhyme

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