Late January

12 A.M.
I held my heart 
as outside it began to rain,
the cry of an owl
told me the uncaring knew not change 
they dupe the eyes of men,
dare I storm into their hideout and take a chance?

There is a colourable look that you wear
that maddens the eye and blows
my mind,

words that follow seem dipped in
shades of red,
this saucy drumming has given me a pain in my head. 
You see the problem with being the strong one
is knowing 
wooden hearts will never bend.
Come morning,
come lift me out from the cloud
of darkness,
this less than polite percussion and put my suffering
to an end. 

Like a smoldering sun,
January services like a drum 
and though the cold keeps surging through
my veins

I am embroidered with the sweet desire to live. 


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Love poem to cover my bases

Like a cigarette raised to eloquent lips,
consumes one like the ocean
stretching itself until it’s only an inch away from toes.
In my mind 
there is a constant echo 
of the time I first saw you, the way our eyes met
across the hallway.
Tell me, is it just me
or was there something about the way wind blew
that made me want to reach out 
since feeling was fresh with bloom–

I walk towards you in a velvet blue dress,
with the reminder of an errand stirring inside my breast.
It felt natural,
it felt like morning falling into easy rhythm 
I am gloriously ignorant of years that are waiting to unravel themselves. 
What was it about you
that drew me like moth to a flame?
I wonder up to this very day
as the sun turns a shade darker, 
of berry, blush
and a thousand lifelong promises

I refuse to dwell in the past,
to be honest I am bored with the idea of you,
it leaves me yearning 
like a note slipped deep inside the pocket 
like a secret
I am tired of longing for deep conversation, of silken skin to peruse
and embrace
in truth you are travesty, a lipstick smear
and a stain
I am dangerously close to changing my perspective. 
is knowing I can’t have you. 


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Near the end of a long and winding road

Though dismal dawning sky rebukes longing yet here I am, 
in quiet fury hung discouragement loathing the way I am. 

I believe darkness can dissipate with the flowering of light,
it’s impossible to go on between crossroads yet here I am.

We loved similar to the way one learns to become unafraid,
I wonder whether heartache understands the way I am. 

Mournful winter how much longer until end of bloodbath?
surely world must know answer judging by how silent I am.

I stand hoping tears may convert into fulfillment of desires,
when sky comes falling you will know just how devout I am.


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Form: Ghazal 

Process notes: Magaly invites us to craft poetry that wastes no words. I chose
to write combining two concepts together:

“I tell you this to break your heart, by which I mean only that it break open and never close again to the rest of the world.” ― Mary Oliver.

A stunning ghazal “Kab raat basar hogi,” by Faiz Ahmed Faiz where he longs for
love, peace and revolution. 

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Dark Origin

“And now I know my heart is a ghost town,” from song Ghost Town by Adam Lambert

Desolation is when the heart is laden with rage,
a soft, pale September morning 
when everything you have loved is flushed 
down the drain,
a bemused smile, thundering heart
and burnt page

sent me running into the arms of dark origin. 

Twenty-three hit me like a hammer
drove me over the edge,
I slept with danger and flirted with the idea
of death,
I knew not individuality 
I knew not self
my eyes were heavy witnessing what I’d learned
and developed. 

Nobody warned me youth would yield consequences,
I became dawn dipped
into grey twilight;
soon craving embraced my soul
and cut my hand 
my heart was a ghost town, like a rose in sand.

I am known not to swear
but fuck what the hell was I thinking!
Thanks to the rebel in me recklessness had a new name,
excuse my French.

Perhaps the only way to instill humanity back was to die
a couple of times. 

I am sunshine who has battled her way through the rain,
poetry my savior,
my subconscious, my one way ticket to salvation
I have come to know that strong need only 
be willing,
this is my story and I am not ashamed. 


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The hour before midnight

Melancholy was a lover dressed
in red
with a burden of mortality
and mind filled
with dread,

I beg to be released
lest heart be taken
with lust,

be naked as sky
and unwilling to change.
Yet I imagine you dreaming
only of me.


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Now the winter nights dispense

We are led to believe a lie when we see not thro the eye, which was born in a night to perish in a night. – Auguries of Innocence by William Blake

There is a silence to my soul
led on by a brutal loneliness, as though a peach pitted 
and left outside to rot 
perhaps if dismal dawn is kind,
I shall refuse to be a part of your life,
you haunting me
is chaos

is like walking in the shadows
is poison
and I have had enough. 

Come January,
come break my heart and make it whole again
there are more important things than love
dying in first light,
there are Poets strolling through unvarying flood,
would that there blow a fragrant wind
and declutter the world filled with grief. 

There is a peculiar kind of beauty 
that can only be experienced when we have risen
from the ashes

like a prayer darting back and forth 
when it hears one call out its name,
I have given up despair
muffled the moans of past
with fire raging inside apocalyptic breast,
I have left remnants of woe stranded across the street.

Twilight comes sooner than expected, 
and slowly the view changes 
becomes a thing of red,
silhouetted against the darkening sky
I smile

and usher objective into the hollow.


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