Knowing resistance: would that the heart leapt further

Temptation in a manner of deprecating one's worth is a dangerous thing,  where is poetry  that puts uncertainty to sleep? Wisps of ache and ephemeral clouds  make their way into the passageway  of my heart  must we adhere to limitations  set by society and fall apart?  where is poetry  that rebels and soars with careless wings?  … Continue reading Knowing resistance: would that the heart leapt further

Hour after feeling sets in

September clouds shyly smile, descend as season shifts from green to gold  bathing anguished land in hope,  it begins with whisper  eliciting dreams  from rustling leaves I can hear  the wind sing.   Photo credits: Pinterest  Form: Nonet  Posted on Sunday Mini-Challenge @ Real Toads   & Posted on the poetry pantry @ Poets United 

On the pulse of arriving autumn

Perhaps there isn't and wont ever be a poem lovely as autumn its murmuring soft like a shift in blossoming trees like a languid breeze as melancholy that stirs the soul silently day and night.   Photo credits: Pinterest Form: Decastitch Posted on Kerry's Challenge @ Real Toads also on the poetry pantry @ Poets United