Fragments of an era lost in the mists of time

Night was elongation of berry-red urge
and desire,
carrying your words like wisps of clouds–
I watch as they mouth your name
and paint
every emotion that has ever erupted within me
in raisin black.
I have been halved and cored,
held on to every thought
as you kiss my lips
while they retort–

my torment is one of freckles upon blood oranges,
their vital force
pulled apart
so that cloying would last; would last.



Photo credits: Thomas Saliot, Pinterest

“I have been halved and cored,” from Perennial by Kerry O’ Conner ❤️

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Rise, oh my soul, with your desire and longing to Eden

Oh! a kiss plucked out from the dark seed,
impregnable and one that blooms only in tangent.

True love whose fire by far burns brightest,
is often much like finding a needle in a haystack.

Your presence curls around me, thick as smoke
encircling in deliciously dark indecision.

Stay a little longer, come and watch
dropped down, he who hid blurring his image, an illusion.

Hidden within the warm, earthy depth
my love, though false, come and blow a kiss to the flower.



Photo credits: Silence, Marta Bevacqua on Behance 

Form: Landay

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Into the wild, a wide spectrum of opinion

I stand surrounded by mist of a bygone period,
the dark ocean
illuminating clouds of deepest charcoal–
could the impossible ensue so as to strip me of thoughts,
twisting and turning
attempting to drown me with their whispers
low and false–
amidst the chaos there shines a brilliant ray of hope
from the lighthouse of the Pharos,
and though its vociferation is diffused
there is something about that place that ushers
a gush of strength
inside of me,
immed with a lambent pandemonium of magenta dreams–
carried by the wind,
I sleep laden with promises of tomorrow on my pillow.


Photo credits: Pharos ~ Kerry O’Connor

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December, daring to dream, thrusts itself into existence

The wind perhaps is most perceptible when we speak of change,
blowing empty thoughts to keep my glass refilled–
somewhere, someone’s heart beating for me, cares.
And when I sense you must be there,
my pulse quickens–
I would’ve followed a prettier road but that would’ve left no chance
of meeting you,
trickling slowly down the shaft of an incense candle
is indecision,
or what’s left of it really
I would’ve clung to familiar things had the prospect of appearing false
not occurred to me.
Ah, what then broke through? What once was sewn with a needle–
Perhaps my lips have always hungered for the taste of danger,
of metamorphosis delicately coating my tongue,
you know I do, don’t you?



Photo credits: Marta Bevacqua, Drifting down to the ground

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My love for you is a rose almond. Luscious and creamier than milk, itself.
Sliding into sleep, I search for you. Am I deluded? Do you feel the same?

A luscious rose almond. I search for love that is creamier than milk, itself.
Sleep, itself is deluded. Do you feel I am sliding? The same? And into you?

Do you feel sleep is a search for you, itself? And love a rose almond?
Am I sliding into the same? Luscious and creamier than milk, do you
feel deluded?

Sliding as a rose almond into luscious milk, am I creamier than love, itself?
I am deluded. And I search for you. My love, do you feel the same? Sleep.

My love is sliding into sleep. I search for rose almonds and creamier milk.
I am the same. Love, itself is deluded. Luscious than you? You feel?

Deluded, I am sliding into rose almond sleep. And you feel the same.
You search for love, luscious and creamier than milk, itself. My love.


Photo credits: Pinterest

Kim invites us to write inspired by  Wendy Cope’s poem “The Uncertainty of the Poet.”

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November Dawn: Of ripeness, and colour and time of propinquity

Morning thickens around us, like verses, full of meaning
as clouds
consumed with thought are kissed a brilliant white,
and I, in deepening admiration surrender
to conversation
rapt in the poesy of your philosophical being,
perhaps I belong to you
to what seems lost but is a gentle remnant unfound–
I listen to your words,
to change in breathing pattern, your chest rising
and falling
until my ribs are filled with your beauty, your curves,
your scent, your skin —
I have instructed the heart to become accustomed
to lesser than rosy-eyed slumber.
Perhaps this is a failing of mine,
these silent reveries that seep from a corner in my mind,
as if ripe berries
weeping complaisance when plucked by hand–
let the breeze amble by
touching us and drifting over soft air
so quiet,
you just might be every kind of worthwhile
I have ever known.


Photo credits: Immerse by Karina llergo

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