I wept not, so to stone within I grew — Dante Alighieri

An innocent quest led me deeper into faith
as lucid his emotions swept me like the wind.
Oh! I defy shades of neutral can not act detached
cruel are those who opt to injustice avert their eyes.
The sky above glimmered trace of merlot red
I observe, heartbroken, as ran his solemn tears.



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Gaze not upon with down(cast) eyes
Rather kick up your heels, come now
Swing! Lets dance away into the night!
Life’s a tad too terse for us to begrudge,
remember inside us there exists light;
like scintillating stars we emit our own


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Swinging by November

Answer November —
Prefer rain or snow —
Open path or woods —
Leaves dijon or green?

Ah, said November —
Where is quiet mist —
Where is floweret —
Where is blue jay —
Answer: Me

Nay — said October —
Show me maple —
Show me berries —
Show me blue jay —

Baffled blue jay —
Where be acorns —
Where be shrubs  —
Where be seeds —
Here — said November —


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Gillena wanted us to write inspired by the poem Answer July by Emily Dickinson.

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Conversations of the Heart

Open your heart — how do you feel?
World outside lacks charm and appeal
Was there logic or was there reason?
We bloom throughout year and season
Though earth’s dry of esteem and pride
We need not run — we need not hide

Conscious of sweeping woe and blame;
Conscious of warmth which is maimed.
Much we resist derision and scorn
Tread upon life’s pricks and thorn
Conversations lack wisdom and thought
Are we conscious of doing all we ought?

Open your mind — how do you feel?
Wounds with time can fade and heal
We shall scour all past and latent tears
We shall empty our heart of all its fears
The life we live is complex for words;
But not one moment goes unheard.

Conscious of feeling lone and betrayed;
Conscious of hurting the one we played.
Much we resist temptation and brawn
To a darker side sometimes are drawn
Conversations lack wisdom and thought
Are we conscious of doing all we ought?

Open your eyes — what do you see?
The birds above fly lone and free
Have you faith or have you doubt?
We’ll strive to become stalwart and stout
Though earth is dry of esteem and pride
We need not run — we need not hide



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Form: Dialogue

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Dispassionate her breath a promise made
Echo: Maid
Combed woodlands cold to hunt for prey
Echo: Pray

Soon she found some off-course at night
Echo: Knight
On a path where men with maidens meet
Echo: Meat

Their cries were drowned on desolate sea
Echo: See
She-devil on the prowl had heart of steel
Echo: Steal

The tales traveling north loitered on stairs
Echo: Stare
Spills dolor and dread thru sound and sight
Echo: Site

A word of caution to the wise who mourn
Echo: Morn
Dare depart not dead with hate and scorn
Echo: born

Halloween where ghouls and spirits reel
Echo: Real
Near brume and shadows moan and wait
Echo: Weight

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Form: Echo Verse

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For my prompt “A million years howl when voices whisper
among the trees – Halloween Special on Friday 8 am EDT

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