Dispassionate her breath a promise made Echo: Maid Combed woodlands cold to hunt for prey Echo: Pray Soon she found some off-course at night Echo: Knight On a path where men with maidens meet Echo: Meat Their cries were drowned on desolate sea Echo: See She-devil on the prowl had heart of steel Echo: Steal … Continue reading Ghost

October sings

October's dew spangled beauty ― alongside gold and auburn dreams cuts through ever'y doubt and pain round corners of gelid winter sings. Stunned, I watch with breath abate as critique and pen accumulate ― bear witness to my soul (solace)     Photo credits: Posted on Sunday Mini Challenge @ Real Toads & Posted on Monday Writes @ … Continue reading October sings


'Opulence' the mere mention of this word enters the imagination as if one were struck by lightening. Being human its only fair that we yearn for riches and display of luxuriance. Who doesn't desire wealth and happiness? I thought as I walked along the lush carpeted moor — closed my eyes as the wind blew kisses as … Continue reading Opulence