Gaze not upon with down(cast) eyes Rather kick up your heels, come now Swing! Lets dance away into the night! Life's a tad too terse for us to begrudge, remember inside us there exists light; like scintillating stars we emit our own spark.   Photo credits: Posted for Quadrille 19 @ dVerse Pub


Dispassionate her breath a promise made Echo: Maid Combed woodlands cold to hunt for prey Echo: Pray Soon she found some off-course at night Echo: Knight On a path where men with maidens meet Echo: Meat Their cries were drowned on desolate sea Echo: See She-devil on the prowl had heart of steel Echo: Steal … Continue reading Ghost

October sings

October's dew spangled beauty ― alongside gold and auburn dreams cuts through ever'y doubt and pain round corners of gelid winter sings. Stunned, I watch with breath abate as critique and pen accumulate ― bear witness to my soul (solace)     Photo credits: Posted on Sunday Mini Challenge @ Real Toads & Posted on Monday Writes @ … Continue reading October sings