Soon perchance silently she thought, smiling in the month of June Planting chrysanthemums longing to hear his deep voice She missed him more with each goodbye blowing kisses up the moonless sky In hopes to meet again, make absence sweet. Form: Etheree Photo credits: Posted for Poetics @ dVerse Pub & Poetry Pantry @ Poets … Continue reading Perchance


Flawed perhaps I'm foible as you term me go ahead judge me but peer into my heart scrutinize with leisured gaze and then attempt to paraphrase Like the moon I am adorned with scars Because imperfection is beautiful.   Photo credits: Form: Etheree For my prompt "Imperfection" tomorrow at 8:00 am EDT. Posted for poems written … Continue reading Imperfection


Blitz caused soul to writhe while heart was cleft with pain and rage. His eyes malicious bade mine to stare and thus smoke, amidst the blood and thunder, sheds faint odor throughout the air. Rain pours down soft as though drops  of courage and urge me out from dark despair. Breathing from trembling lips  a prayer, … Continue reading Blitz

Behind the door

"When one door closes a hundred open." Spanish Proverb Drink in those rare moments when, Passion and precision become one. Our fortune lurks behind the door, Lo! fear not when the curtain closes. Hence at end of tunnel coruscates a Light, visible far from acres hundred. Fate thus leaves an alternative open.     Photo credits: Posted … Continue reading Behind the door


Slept with shadows and searched the earth; longing to find armistice. Thus signed both names with breath when rescued him from death. Entranced with cherry tobacco scent lingering soft upon your coat; while sharing summer eve so sweet - dining with hot wine and bread. Lo! such strange perfume did he with roses paint; thus shades of … Continue reading Essence