So often our whispers trail alongside wind As though passion's sprouted pair of wings If only you'd care to listen So often our laughter echoes through walls You can picture our moments fluttering by If only you'd care to listen Be them tales of fervor or be tales of brawl You can bet these walls … Continue reading Cubicle


Night curled round as silken sheets as the wind blew forth fervid breath I lay restless drowned deep in muse reveling as her beauty sweet engulfs Her kiss soothed not, nor calms pith felt as though sky and sea both split I gasped as her mouth dripping with blood caressed her cheekbones wan! "Fool art … Continue reading Succubus


Gaze not upon with down(cast) eyes Rather kick up your heels, come now Swing! Lets dance away into the night! Life's a tad too terse for us to begrudge, remember inside us there exists light; like scintillating stars we emit our own spark.   Photo credits: Posted for Quadrille 19 @ dVerse Pub