In stillness and quietude

I waltz round reticent hours of night
freed from clutches of chaos and din.
The heart although lugubrious at first
throbs wild on arrival of harvest moon.
I sigh and gesture to its poise and calm
as though compelling orb to inculcate
I chase oh promise and wings of hope
lest world’s bathed in blood and stone.


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In the balance


Deep into the woodlands dun
I observe as the path before unwinds
Turning a little to the left yes
No perhaps more to the right
I choke and weep, chilled with fright
Moments, after the hour had passed
Faith held me close and gave a smile
“It makes no sense to seed remorse
bid adieu to worry, pain and qualm
Watch out as moonlight weaves a trail
Sow hope no matter if valor has failed.”


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 I believe
a heart bears sorrow which sorrow knows nothing of
can we find the strength and allow ourselves to let go?
I breathe
as scent of dolor and rue lie embedded unto letters old
can we find the courage to desist though origin be bold
I yield
as spirit chaste is cleansed by propulsion of tears
can we cope as life progresses over span of bygone years
I smile
as gumption greets beneath blush of tangerine sun
cause nothing’s ever ended but only just begun.


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“I closed the box and put it in a closet. There is no real way to deal with everything we lose.”
― Joan Didion, Where I Was From

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So often our whispers trail alongside wind
As though passion’s sprouted pair of wings
If only you’d care to listen
So often our laughter echoes through walls
You can picture our moments fluttering by
If only you’d care to listen

Be them tales of fervor or be tales of brawl
You can bet these walls would tell them all

So often our silence breaks through glass
As though pelts of rain that melt on grass
If only you’d care to listen
So often around night when city is asleep
You can picture memoirs whisking us by
If only you’d care to listen

Be them tales of fervor or be tales of brawl
You can bet these walls would tell them all

So often our youth points north to the sky
As though aiming to tease thru a lone sigh
If only you’d care to listen
So often our views both clash and coincide
You can picture endeavor speeding fast by
If only you’d care to listen

Be them tales of fervor or be tales of brawl
You can bet these walls would tell them all


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Between Life & Death


I, a sole connection between two opposite realities; both of which mere mortals defy. There isn’t a single soul upon this earth who hasn’t had an opportunity to tread upon, long after living a fulfilled life — to cross over and tear layers of illusion. But then, that’s what death is now, isn’t it? It’s more like a deception, a myth you could say or a fallacy of sorts. It’s just another name, an excuse for preparing one for the afterlife. I observe as spirits both good and bad cross over, and offer salutation, hoping they come bearing abundance of prayer and faith.

I blinked, as fresh tears welled up and rolled down my cheeks. The mere idea of a beloved not truly dying and just crossing over the bridge between life and death made my heart jump. It gave me hope that perhaps one day we would meet again – meet along lapis skies with a hint of rouge. Each living moment and breathing day, I make sure to offer prayer for their departed souls, so that their sins are forgiven. To give them a fighting chance at heaven.

Rushing tide whispers gently
as sunlight gold beams above
when love eludes dark despair
when orison outplays distress
even nature ebbs with rhythm



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Night curled round as silken sheets
as the wind blew forth fervid breath
I lay restless drowned deep in muse
reveling as her beauty sweet engulfs
Her kiss soothed not, nor calms pith
felt as though sky and sea both split
I gasped as her mouth dripping with
blood caressed her cheekbones wan!
“Fool art thou to has’t invited me in;
oh when morn dost come, I believe
love bites dust on All Hallow’s Eve”



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