Healing Wish

She clawed in frustration as the moon shone upon the grave; her fingertips soaked in dirt and blood. A hundred years had passed since the ghosts had spoken to her about Eric, a hundred years had passed since she last ate or drank a bottle of wine. She heard the owls screeching as the wind howled incessantly, causing hair at the back of her neck to stand up in alarm. She screamed as two hands jerked and pushed her off the grave.

“You wretched piece of urban shit how dare you come and touch this grave!”

Camellia spat into the ground in pure disgust as she attempted to smooth out her prussian blue dress; “I don’t need your permission you filthy, lying bitch!”

No sooner had she spoken, a voice hoarse from breathing underground sounded from the grave. Both women stared in horror at the sight that welcomed them in the dead of the night.

“I am so bloody tired of you two bickering each and every night! Now if you will excuse me I need to go back and rest for the next hundred years.” The corpse flashed an evil grin before it disappeared back into the grave.

“My goodness! Did you see that! He didn’t even bother to invite us in!”

Camellia laughed out hard and punched playfully on her arm. She realized that they were both being stupid, fighting over a man who had been dead for the past hundred years. She winked as they joined hands to craft a healing wish:



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Sinister Shadows


There is a fine line between coincidence and stalking. I was getting out of the car in a vacant parking lot when it happened. The air suddenly grew cold and my breath stopped short. Shadows creeping from far off corners caused fear to trickle down my spine. I hastened to a nearby cafe around noon midday. Sweat ran down the corners of my face as I gasped at the scene before me.

“We need to call the police, Dan.” A frightened woman was whispering to her son. The newspaper headlines read what each and every person in the room had feared. A local woman was killed earlier in the day by a man in black. Police suspected that the woman was being stalked for days on end. Melissa tugged at the fabric near the end of her coat. She remembered being followed a few weeks before Christmas.

The customers were getting restless as the news spread like wildfire. Melissa grabbed her purse and hurried out of the cafe. She had almost reached her car when she was suddenly pulled to the curb. Her eyes were blindfolded as she was pushed inside the van. Melissa tried to utter a scream but in vain.

“Quit moving you crazy bitch! You’re driving me insane!”

Melissa kicked around her blindly hoping to free herself. The van came to a screeching halt. Two massive hands grabbed and pulled her from the side. She felt as if she was being led into a warehouse. Melissa strained to listen for sounds which would give her further clues about her whereabouts.

And then the lights went out…


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