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I am bold like fire spreading out heat
It matters not what predicament be;
I cause north and south wind to meet

Alas! No sooner did he utter verse
Round corner came chuckle sweet


It seems to me you are a tad misled
Scarcely ever have a myth you read
I am dauntless, I am as stout as ice
Trust nothing comes without a price

Amid their groans fell flakes of snow
Riposte now caused his mirth to flow


Inane rather frivolous seems account
Have you no clue of all what you state
I am adept, oh shrewd much like fox
I cheat twice hour that pass on clock

Alas! No sooner did he utter verse
Far came a wild unearthly scream


Oh, many a duo amongst creatures seen
Had enough of both your squabbles keen
I gather, you wished to see true measure
So then, true measure you both shall see
Divide your woes, come divide your glee
None stronger than other, retort shall be



Photo credits: Jolygram

Posted for Midweek Motif @ Poets United 

For my prompt “When diving into the possibilities of Role Reversal”
on Friday 25th November at 8 am EDT

Posted on Poems written on Prompt Nights 


32 Replies to “Burlesque”

  1. Fantastic verse Sanaa. This reminds me of an Uncle Remus story. This is classic dear friend.
    Sending many hugs – yes I may be emerging from the other side of the moon (as its shrinking)

  2. It is good to get a little more of the background story of Adam and Eve. You have to feel a little sorry for them both as they had no standards to guide their behaviour. Even poor Nature seems to be living in a fools paradise thinking everyone was equal! What an intriguing poem this is Sanaa.

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