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I am bold like fire spreading out heat
It matters not what predicament be;
I cause north and south wind to meet

Alas! No sooner did he utter verse
Round corner came chuckle sweet


It seems to me you are a tad misled
Scarcely ever have a myth you read
I am dauntless, I am as stout as ice
Trust nothing comes without a price

Amid their groans fell flakes of snow
Riposte now caused his mirth to flow


Inane rather frivolous seems account
Have you no clue of all what you state
I am adept, oh shrewd much like fox
I cheat twice hour that pass on clock

Alas! No sooner did he utter verse
Far came a wild unearthly scream


Oh, many a duo amongst creatures seen
Had enough of both your squabbles keen
I gather, you wished to see true measure
So then, true measure you both shall see
Divide your woes, come divide your glee
None stronger than other, retort shall be



Photo credits: Jolygram

Posted for Midweek Motif @ Poets United 

For my prompt “When diving into the possibilities of Role Reversal”
on Friday 25th November at 8 am EDT

Posted on Poems written on Prompt Nights 


32 thoughts on “Burlesque

  1. L. Moon says:

    Fantastic verse Sanaa. This reminds me of an Uncle Remus story. This is classic dear friend.
    Sending many hugs – yes I may be emerging from the other side of the moon (as its shrinking)

  2. Old Egg says:

    It is good to get a little more of the background story of Adam and Eve. You have to feel a little sorry for them both as they had no standards to guide their behaviour. Even poor Nature seems to be living in a fools paradise thinking everyone was equal! What an intriguing poem this is Sanaa.

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