Buck Moon ~ Part Two: Seeing Things

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The moon is a slice of paranoia tonight;
of reflection of things that provoke the naked eye—
I am lost
but certain of silent footsteps that accompany me
as the hills darken.
It’s funny how the human mind works,
when faced with misgiving
and lethargic when lounging, when at ease—
love, I am aware of peeling away of minutes,
of shadows
that lurk astutely in the subconscious.
The rustling of leaves;
I have stood many a time at the doorway of dreaming,
attended circles
where people moan with disbelief— what if I told you
that seeing things is another name for siding with truth,
would you side with me?
Would you step outside your comfort zone?
Would you take the leap?
The watery embrace of the sea;
there is a thin line
between what’s real and what the world wants us to believe.



Photo credits:  Reflection by Serenity Mitchell, Unsplash

Posted for Weekly Scribblings @ Poets and Storytellers United

20 Replies to “Buck Moon ~ Part Two: Seeing Things”

  1. ” I am aware of peeling away of minutes”
    i really luv this expression Sanaa and can be easily absorbed into this feeling

    Happy Wednesday

    much love…

  2. I love the opening lines, Sanaa, the moon ‘like a slice of paranoia’ is very atmospheric and a little jarring, especially when paired with ‘certain of silent footsteps that accompany me’. The final lines are so true.

  3. One hopes for a meeting of the minds (and hearts) between those barriers. There might still be terrors to confront, but at least they can be confronted together.

  4. I am sure the world would have been very disappointed in humankind once they invented the wheel. From that moment on the world has been in danger. What a pleasure to have you recite or poems now Sanaa.

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