Blood and Bone

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madonna of the flowers

Thus howling pursued as she ran through fields of hellebore. Crawlers, bonies, halvers and chopped chased her long to a nearby dock. In the shadows of pale moonlight her frightened features were marked and clear. No sooner had she uttered impetuous chant; she jumped into the river with her newborn babe. Leaving behind the stalkers of night to scream her name.

Rushing night clouds
unveil in silence
arcane prophesy.


Photo credits: Sunshine Shelle

Dark Poetry for Cruellest Month


16 thoughts on “Blood and Bone

  1. Gina says:

    Now this sounds like the beginning of a wonderful story!…Is her escape temporary?…will her babe survive the cold river?…will the hurried spell protect them from discovery? Awesome XXX

  2. Magaly Guerrero says:

    Oh, Sanaa! How I love your word usage in this haibun, especially in the second sentence: “Crawlers, bonies, halvers”. And your haiku, which turns the painting into a myth, is just delicious! ❤

  3. Khaya Ronkainen says:

    Mysteriously beautiful. A cliffhanger — arcane prophesy — leaves the reader craving for more and to be let in, in the secret. An intriguing story is brewing (if not already written) from this poem Sanaa. Lovely!

  4. Amy Stevens says:

    Wow, amazing writing. This immediately reminded me of a story my daughter told me. She’d gone on a medical mission trip last summer to Pacux, Guatamala. An old woman she’d met who had survived the Rio Negro Massacres in the 80s, told her a miraculous story of how she’d survived. How she was being chased with her baby in her arms by an army of men and came upon a cliff. She uttered a prayer and jumped. She was protected by a man of light. This was a story of the Maya Achi people, the the forced resettlement and massacre’s in the Rio Negro river valley, so the government could take the land to build a hydroelectric dam. It’s a very tragic story. Sorry for writing so much, it just triggered this memory.

    • Sanaa says:

      Hello Amy,

      Thanks for stopping by, so glad you liked it 🙂
      Highly appreciated, have a great week ahead.

      PS: Glad this poem triggered some memories.

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