Between the sun and cloud

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A smile,
a dialogue
and gentle tap on the shoulder
is all we need
to unravel the pain
swirling in a smoke behind silent eyes.
I can feel words
and just waiting to spill out,
I can feel moments
which lie between the sun and cloud,
for me to save a life.


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60 Replies to “Between the sun and cloud”

  1. I know this from experience… I have talked a person from suicide (at least I think so)… but you are right it only takes caring a bit… who knows what a kind word might do…

  2. There is a vid going around on FB about a young girl who almost committed suicide but was talked out of by someone talking to her about the weather. It may even be true. I have found from sad experience though that those who are intent upon suicide cannot be swayed, only those who toy with it. But an interesting perspective on the photo.

  3. How often a few words and more importantly our ears and our understanding can relax a stressed person from going over the edge. This is a very good attribute to look for in an employee as well! Very well written Sanaa.

  4. Saving a life. Nice thought, Sanaa. My dad once asked me. “Jim, who doesn’t fall once in a while?” I k e then he was falling. I will ask now, who hasn’t thought of killing self once in a while? Perhaps there are a few but I’m thinking “not many.”

  5. An important message condensed so beautifully into a 55, Sanaa. I love the lines:
    ‘I can feel moments
    which lie between the sun and cloud,
    for me to save a life’.

  6. Powerful writing, Sanaa. Sometimes people just need someone to listen to them. A reminder that each of us COULD be that person.

  7. which lie between the sun and cloud,
    calling for me to save a life.

    So much to be done. Not much accomplished even when many opportunities for saving lives present themselves


  8. As someone, with personal experience, dealing suicide attempts and suicidal thoughts, most people are scared to talk with us. Thinking that they will trigger us.

    Sadly, there comes a time, when gentle words and a caring ear aren’t enough. Only inner will can stop the suicide attempt. I speak this, from my own experiences.

    Thank you, Sanaa, for having the courage to write about this taboo.

  9. A good reminder and strong image of willing courage rather than fear in interacting with others…compassionate and hopeful.

  10. Felt words, needed words, words fed by feelings… can do so much. We would do miracles, if we spoke to each other… if we listened.

    There is so much going on in this, Sanaa. So much…

  11. This poem evokes a response. You’ve taken a subject, which is often repressed, and brought it into the light of day in an impactful and healing way. An important piece.

  12. Hi, first time on your blog!
    You are right – “A smile, a dialogue, and gentle tap on the shoulder is all we need”
    Loved the opening lines and the narration, defines so much about being human. Kudos…

  13. “I can feel moments
    which lie between the sun and cloud.”

    I feel like I have lived this poem. Words of love and affection can change the world.
    Thank you for sharing this poem. I have been there.

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