Because I have studied him

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Because I’ve studied him;
know exactly how it plays across chiseled features,
this wild honey,
this art of reaching into the soul merely
by listening—
it appears cloudier still,
how lips taste like every thought I’ve ever had;
this magnetic hypothesis’s efficacious
is confusing.




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De is our hostess today at dVerse and the word is “Magnet.”
Come join us! ❤️

Posted for Quadrille #114 @ dVerse Poets Pub

56 Replies to “Because I have studied him”

  1. There is no escaping magnetic attraction, Sanaa! I love the thought of ‘wild honey… reaching into the soul’ and lips tasting ‘like every thought I’ve ever had’. No wonder it’s confusing!

  2. “how lips taste like every thought I’ve ever had” Sounds like a person who wants to put her hypothesis to the test. Wonderful energy swirling around your poem, Sanaa.

  3. I love this. The beauty entwined, the rawness of the piece, and the passion, it’s stunning. I also love the confusion at the end, because of how so many emotions entangle us in their web, we experience a plethora of them. Brilliantly penned and sensual, indeed.

  4. I love how strong the opening line is on this, and then the imagery the follows on. I had to have a little pause after “this art of reaching into the soul merely / by listening”. The pacing is so perfect.

  5. I like the way this piece changes tune from oh so knowing to confused. Love is just like that. This line is stellar…”how lips taste like every thought I’ve ever had”.

  6. I could feel her draw to him, especially in the line with the lips as echoed above. I almost feel like she’s saying she knows him so well, but she can’t quite comprehend the power of those feelings, a fun mystery unravel!

  7. I love the phrase ‘how lips taste like every thought I’ve ever had’ – the effort to understand someone we love is eventually rewarded, if they love us back.

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