Autumn Within

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Autumn blues
as leaves ebb and fade
life’s sombre truth
I brush past reality
embracing the cold.

Strong winds blow
wiping latent tears
Autumn song
I heaved oh unconscious breath
utter soft prayer.

Quiet seas
now beckon to me
and dispel
oh waves of sepulchral dreams
down moonlit beach.

Autumn hues
of auburn and green
cycle of change
for life never stops urging
to go find ourselves.


Photo credits:Β Pinterest

Form: Shadorma

Posted on ‘Sunday Mini-Challenge’ @ Real Toads

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62 Replies to “Autumn Within”

  1. Your poem has really invoked autumn beautifully. It definitely is part of the cycle of change – a beautiful part. Smiles.

  2. “for life never stops urging
    to go find ourselves”
    Such beautiful profound lines.
    Sanaa, thanks for dropping bh my Sunday Standatd today


  3. I love the atmosphere of autumn in this poem and the last lines with wisdom are profound. The photo caught my attention as well as the colours are so beautiful.

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